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Founder, Daniel Whitehead

Hello, I’m Daniel, founder of The Organic Protein Company. Over the years I’ve strived to buy and grow as much of my food from organic sources as possible, but I could never find an organic whey protein powder. Such a glaring omission inspired me to do something about it.



Adam Stansbury

"A great tasting all natural organic protein powder at last that goes well in plain shakes or smoothies and puddings. It's the only whey protein powder I take now or recommend to my clients."
Adam Stansbury, Gym Based Personal Trainer of the Year 2013 ...

Joe Welstead

"Training for competitive swimming means I need to fuel my body with lots of good quality protein to allow it to recover after each session. With The Organic Protein Company I know I am getting the nutrition I need without any nasty additives: it's become my go-to recovery protein, and it's delicious too!"
Joe Welstead, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Finalist ...

Viviane Buzzi

"I love it. The flavour is completely neutral, without an overtly milky flavour and the texture is almost silky. It mixes extremely well and is perfect for all manner of protein cookery."
Viviane Buzzi, Founder of Chocolate Chilli Mango ...

Angelica Blake

"I will now only drink and recommend to my clients The Organic Protein Company's Organic Whey Protein because it is what it says, pure organic whey protein with nothing added. It tastes delicious too."
Angelica Blake, British Fitness Champion & Celebrity Personal Trainer

Reeves Knyght

"A revelation...I made the change owing to my coach's recommendation. The health benefits are a bonus, the TASTE is DIVINE!"
Reeves Knyght, Competitive Bodybuilder


"It tastes really clean. I've never had unflavoured protein before and I really liked it, especially great for smoothies and recipes."
Aimee, Founder of Primal Piggy ...

Jason Pena

"It tastes clean and simple, so I must congratulate you on that and bringing out an organic whey in the United Kingdom with this quality, as it’s needed."
Jason Pena, Lifestyle Coach & Personal Trainer ...

Martha Mavropoulou

"A high quality organic whey protein that has helped me sculpt lean muscles, lose body fat and speed muscle recovery. Perfect as a pre and post workout meal and as a part of a balanced diet."
CherryB, Fitness Blogger ...

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We’re proud that our organic whey protein comes from cows who are free to roam out in the open on unpolluted, organic pastures. Our farmers never use artificial fertilisers, pesticides, hormones or GM feed, so rest assured you won’t find any of these nasty things lurking in our organic whey protein.